5th Annual Kif Brown Foundation Wine Auction & Gala!

October 9, 2021 7pm-10pm

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A new cancer diagnosis can be frightening!

Our organization realizes this is a difficult time. Let us help you navigate toward healing.

The Kif Brown Foundation began in 2015 following the loss of our namesake, Kif. Kif was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2013 and only given a prognosis of a few months. He LIVED until February of 2015 due, in part, to his research and commitment to diet and nutrition as part of his treatment.

The founding members ( and current members!) are Kif’s wife Dawn and his stepdaughter Sarah. We have many volunteers (Thank you all!) who help us out with our events, getting out newsletters and just keeping an eye open for helpful information to share with you all! Learn More

We are willing to work as hard as you are toward LIVING and LOVING life!

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Funkify Adventures

Nominate A Cancer Warrior Below. We are sending a Cancer warrior and guest on an all expenses paid flight into the back country

Exciting News KBF Friends and Family!!!

We have awarded the trip to a deserving candidate!

In honor of Kif’s legacy and heartfelt desire to share the healing aspects of adventure, we will be sending one Cancer Warrior and a Guest on an all-expense-paid trip to beautiful British Columbia!!



Our ultimate mission is to better the lives of patients and their families by sharing knowledge that we have gained through our journey and through continuing research as well as assisting with challenging financial situations. Our approach revolves around an intense and shared commitment. Learn More