Cancer Nonprofit Organization

Your Contribution:

The Kif Brown Foundation is committed to getting information out to as many people as possible regarding the importance of diet, exercise and attitude for the prevention and treatment of cancer. We also work one on one with our clients to provide them with whatever aid they need to complete their chosen course of treatment, whether it be research, financial help, referrals or simply a strong support system. Your generous donations allow us to continue this important work and help so many on the path of prevention, healing and LIVING!

Since KBF was started in February of 2015, your generosity has helped so many on the path to prevention and healing! K.W. found housing for her out of state bone marrow transplant. M.S. had diagnostics performed that enabled her doctor to determine a better course of treatment. S.M. was able to travel 150 miles for life saving surgery. Over 120 children are enrolled in “Kif’s Cancer Fighting Kids Club”! Funkify Adventures was officially launched! These are just a few examples of the many wonderful things that have happened because of you and your generosity!