Happy Test Kitchen Tuesday! I am excited to start off 2016 with a submission from one of our Kif’s Cancer Fighting Kids Club members, Mary H. of Washington (10 years old). She has embraced the idea of eating healthy and is always on the lookout for snacks she is able to make on her own at home. She wrote the recipe down for us – but it was on green construction paper, so, I couldn’t post a legible picture here. I have fixed a couple of spelling mistakes, but other than that, this is Mary’s Lunch Stackers recipe:

*organic lettuce
*organic cheese (I used white cheddar)
*organic tomato
*organic mayo and mustard mix (this is optional)
*meat (I used salami and proscuitto)
*an organic veggie to finish it off

Step 1: Cut up some lettuce into pieces. If you are making 4, I would put about 3 layers of lettuce on the bottom.
Step 2: Layer the meat on top of your lettuce.
Step 3: Next, you want to layer the cheese slices on your meat and lettuce.
Step 4: Add 1 layer of sliced tomato
Step 5 (optional): Top with a dollop of your mayonnaise / mustard mixture.
Step 6: Top with a veggie bite of your choice (pickle, asparagus, green bean, or carrot)
Step 7 (optional): Salt and pepper to taste.
Step 8: ENJOY!!!

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