Move over big chain cheeseburgers – We have remodeled the cheeseburger and fries and not only are they healthy for your diet, BUT they are healthy for your wallet too! We made 4 of these along with a pile of tots for about $20!!

When we were first challenged, we weren’t too afraid of the cheeseburger – if you use good, quality products, forego the bun, you are in burger heaven! The fries on the other hand were a little more challenging. We found a recipe for sweet potato tots that intrigued us. Two ingredients?? Yes please! Not only were these easy to make, but they were delicious!!!!!!! Click here for the recipe and keep scrolling to see our pics of making these.

The recipe was pretty clear – and they turned out perfect – just dip them in some delicious sugar free ketchup:

Now onto the main event – CHEESEBURGERS!! We always try to use local ingredients when possible and grass fed beef is a must.

Basically, we just made 4 patties, seasoned with salt and pepper, and tossed those bad boys on the grill (don’t forget to make indentations in the middle of the burger – it prevents shrinkage on the grill!).

Just before the burgers are done, lay some thinly sliced goats milk cheddar on them (if cheddar isn’t your thing, you can get all sorts of goats milk cheese varieties!). Once the burgers are off the grill, we topped them with a slice of heirloom tomato and some spicy salad shoots that we tossed with a little avocado oil. Enjoy!!!!!

P.S. They go really well with a nice glass of red wine!!!!!!!


Dawn and Sarah

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