With the run of triple digit degree days, we found ourselves at the grocery store spending a lot of time in the frozen aisle looking for a frosty treat. After looking at most of the popsicle options and settling for the “best” option (minimal sugar, least processed). We decided, “Why not make our own??”

Coincidentally, it happened to be Tuesday, so the timing was perfect for a TKT challenge! These are so easy to make – you don’t even need a recipe! In fact, halfway through making the popsicles, we added some different fruit and some coconut milk to make a batch of creamsicles! We bought the molds at Whole Foods – but you can buy some here if you would like. OR, you can use these disposable bags to make your own freezer pops!

We started out with some organic strawberries and peaches. We also used some local organic honey to sweeten the popsicles up just a bit. We love this honey and if you are in the Treasure Valley area, you can find it at some stores or at the local farmers market. If you aren’t in the area, don’t worry! You can buy it here!Once we coarsely chopped a pint of strawberries and 2 large peaches (we left the skin on the peaches), we put them in the blender and we added about 1 tablespoon of honey to the fruit. Blend until smooth, and pour into your popsicle molds:

Because our molds were on the smaller side, we had enough left over to make one more batch. Then it dawned on us that the blueberry bushes in the back yard were feeling neglected, so why not add some to our popsicle mix!! We also added one 15 oz container of coconut milk to the blender to make creamy strawberry, peach and blueberry popsicles! Again, we poured the mixture into our molds (This was our second attempt as one of our helpers had a slight accident putting the tops into the molds!):

Put the molds in the freezer and let freeze for 4-6 hours.

You may have to run warm water over the molds to release the popsicles – here is the finished product! (I wasn’t too happy with the production quality of this photo, but as you can see, we had 3 hungry volunteers waiting to try the popsicles!!)
Stay cool friends!!!! Until next Tuesday – Cheers!!!

Dawn and Sarah

Category: Recipes August 15, 2019

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